120208 Ryeowook twitter update

Posted on: February 9, 2012

@ryeong9: 얼굴이 터질거 같다던 송이 ㅋㅋ 나의 맛탕 때문이었나 ^^; 라면과 이것저것 과자들 내 몸은 소금 덩어리 흑흑 아휴 역시 야식은 안 좋아 ㅠ 난 목이 넘 타서 깨긴 첨이네 어쨌든 완득이 잼있었다 송아 오늘 방송도 잘하라잉 ~@-@

[TRANS] @ryeong9: Sungmin’s face seems going to explode keke Was it because of my sweet potato ^^; There still have noodles and some snacks, my body is totally like a salt block. Woowoo, the supper is not good ㅠ This is the first time that i woke up because of the throat is too dry. Anyway, it seems fun and let’s continue do well for today Sungmin ~@-@

(Trans by @TaiwanLuvSJ)

@ryeong9: 몇 주를 고생해서 만들어 놓으면 단 몇 일. . 아니 단 몇 시간 만에라도 사라진다. . 허무하기 짝이 없는
노릇이지만. . 그것 또한 재미요~ 부정에서 긍정을 찾으라는 참뜻이라 생각하게 되니~ 오늘부터 싱가폴을 위해 나는 또 열심히 달리리라 ~ ^^

[TRANS] @ryeong9 :What you’ve created with a lot of effort for
weeks, in just a couple of days. . No, it even disappears
in just a couple of hours. . Eventhough it seems
nothing and doesn’t match your effort. . it’s also fun~
You just need to think of it as the true meaning of
seeing the positive sides from the negative ones~ From
today onwards I’ll work hard for Singapore~ ^^

(Translated by: @sujunesia)


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