120209 Kyuhyun’s father preparing for a long stay in Taiwan

Posted on: February 9, 2012

Recently we reported that Kyuhyun’s father had opened up a Korean cram school in Taipei, Taiwan. The full name of the cram school is “Taipei Korean UPI Language Center/Institute: Kyuhyun Cram School”. Kyuhyun’s father has now stated that he plans to stay long in the country.

Walking through the front doors of “Kyuhyun Cram School”, on the wall on the left side is a huge poster of Kyuhyun. Besides it are posters of Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and SHINee. Posters of artists were not limited to SM Entertainment artists only, as BEAST’s poster was also found to be present.

In an exclusive interview with “Fighting! KOREA Learning Magazine”, Kyuhyun’s father not only introduced his courses but also his educational beliefs. He stated that in these two years, he has often been to Taiwan to investigate and found out that many people go to Korea to study Korean. He felt that it was too burdensome to do so and therefore came up with the idea of providing the most complete Korean language education for students. In explaining why he chose Taiwan as his first choice, he said it’s because he felt Taiwanese fans are very friendly and he has a good impression of their country.

In introducing his school, Kyuhyun’s father stated that because Korean UPI Learning Institute has its own publisher in Korea, the materials are all written by the teachers themselves, different from ordinary learning materials. In addition, the materials include a lot of KPOP related content, making the learning process more fun and interesting.

In terms of classes, there are two types: “Interest Usage Course” and “Further Research Course”. “Interest Usage Course” focuses on daily conversation while “Further Research Course” is for those who wish to study or work in Korea in the future and has a greater emphasis on grammar. All “Kyuhyun Cram School” teachers are from Korea and have at least 3 years of teaching experience.

Although Kyuhyun is his own son, he makes a clear distinction between public and private life. For the opening ceremony on February 3rd, Kyuhyun’s father stated that because the Super Junior members made a public appearance, he paid SM Entertainment the public appearance fees. In addition, he had obtained permission for using the celebrities’ posters in the school.

Kyuhyun’s father also revealed that Korean language education is only the first step. He said that in the future there will also be services regarding production of performances and reporting of Hallyu. He will also be focusing on Taiwan, by staying there for half of every month, planning to make it his second home.

Check out the pictures below from the opening ceremony on February 3rd.

The lucky fans who got to take a picture with Super Junior and Kyuhyun’s father.
Posted Image

Kyuhyun, his parents and probably the staff of the school.
Posted Image

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