Heechul Look-A-Like? Lee JongHyun, but the picture is Max Changmin

Posted on: February 20, 2012

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We decided to drop by at National Bookstore at SM Fairview before going home. Whem we looked at the Magazine section, we found a MusicAsia Mag with KPop cover. So we go asdfghjkl again. Tahaha. Fangirls, really. But as we scanned through the pages, we suddenly saw this weird page. (look at the images). Just when did Shim Changmin became CN Blue’s Lee Jonghyun. ahuuuuuungg.

Well then, I shall continue  with my assignment.<//3 Ppyongi~! ^_______^

“You’re so beautiful. You and your pink dress and bag. It’s made for you.”

Heechul Look-A-Like?? Lee JongHyun .. but the picture is Max Changmin ..O.o



cr: shinealight10



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