120220 Jonghyun in “Mina” Magazine April article – rough trans

Posted on: February 21, 2012

(about new songs)

JH: When I finished song composing, I always let all members listen to, I can know they feel good or bad from their facial expressions.

JH: These are songs I made. (JH showed many song files in his iPad)

(about personalities)

JH: (after one breath) I do all things at my own pace.

(about dorm life)

JH: My room also has guitars and equipments, so my bed is my working table (laugh).

(watching drama is their relax time)

JH: Recently I watched “bara no nai hana ya”(no rose florist) (*heroine was Takeuchi Yuko)and “My Boss My Hero”. sometimes I make a song inspired by drama or movie.

-Do u like a girl like Aoi Yu chan?

JH: I like a person who I can feel happy and get attractive with her.

(about the live)

JH: No matter we are indies or major, our mind never change. No matter the live venue big or small, we just play enjoy and hard. But if there’s something changed, now we don’t need to worry about money to eat.

credit ;

trans by : ketchburning

via : cnbjonghyun

shared by : kyulineshipper


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