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@ryeong9 졸업했어요~~><교수님들, 조교누나, 선후배 동기들 고마웠어요~~남들처럼 떳떳하게 졸업할 자격은 없지만 교내에서 활동하지 못한 것 뿐 마음만은 인하인이었습니다. 마지막 교수님 말씀 정말 감사했어요 잊지 않을게요^^

[TRANS] @ryeong9: I’ve graduated~~>< Thank you to all the professors, asisstant noonas, seniors, and juniors~~ Eventhough I can’t confidently say that I’m a qualified graduate like the others, (because) I couldn’t do the activities on campus, but I’ve been always an Inha student at heart. Lastly, thank you for Professor’s words. I won’t forget it^^

Translated by: Sujunesia (@sujunesia)

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