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Hallyu Wave leaders, such as Girls’ GenerationSHINee, and more, will be performing for fans in Macao!

Earlier today on June 26th, MBC Plus Media announced that they will be holding the ‘K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012′ at the Venetian-Macao Hotel on July 2nd. Performers attending, aside from the two artists mentioned, also include U-KISS and B.A.P.

Each of these idol groups will be singing their hit songs, making an overall 5 singles being performed. Representatives of MBC Plus Media have commented, “Although it’s custom for established Hallyu concerts to have each idol group perform 2-3 songs, the artists participating in the ‘K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012′ [will be presenting] a different kind of performance, [as they will] get close to the fans of Asia, strengthen the bonds between themselves and the fans, and encourage song participation.

Presently, fans in Hong Kong have set out to promote the event by voluntarily uploading photos showing their support for their favorite artists on social media sites, fancafes, and portals sites.

The ‘K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012′ will air on MBC in July.

Source: TV Report via Naver

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Super Junior will be singing for their fans, ELF, with a special track dedicated to them on their upcoming 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘.

The song, titled ‘From U‘, is reported to be a medium tempo, R&B track that describes the relationship between a star and their fans.

ELF are in for a special treat as the group will be performing this song in addition to their title track “Sexy, Free & Single” on stage!

As announced previously, the new album is slated for online release on July 1st, followed by the offline release on the 4th. The group will then hold their first comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown‘ on July 5th.

Source + Photo: StarIN via Nate

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We recently shared a summary of the average heights of girl groups in K-pop, and it looks like this time, a netizen has completed the same report on K-pop boy groups. Similar to the previous report, the boys were categorized into five different groups: Giant, Tall, Average, Short, and Shortest.

The tallest was X-5 at 186.2cm (6 feet and 1.30 inches) while the shortest was TEEN TOP at 175.1 (5 feet and 8.93 inches).

Where does your favorite male idol group rank? See for yourself below!


TEEN TOP – 175.1 (5 feet and 8.93 inches)

B2ST – 175.6 (5 feet and 9.13 inches)

The BOSS – 176.4 (5 feet and 9.44 inches)

FT Island – 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)

Dalmatian – 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)

N-Train : 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)


Big Bang – 177.2 (5 feet and 9.76 inches)

Boyfriend – 177.3 (5 feet and 9.80 inches)

Block B – 177.4 (5 feet and 9.84 inches)

INFINITE – 177.8 (5 feet and 10.00 inches)


Twi-light – 178.0 (5 feet and 10.07 inches)

SUPER JUNIOR – 178.0 (5 feet and 10.07 inches)

ZE:A – 178.2 (5 feet and 10.15 inches)

MBLAQ – 178.4 (5 feet and 10.23 inches)

MYNAME – 178.4 (5 feet and 10.23 inches)

SHINee – 178.8 (5 feet and 10.30 inches)

B.A.P – 178.8 (5 feet and 10.30 inches)

Recently, FNC Music changed the name of company to ‘FNC Entertainment’.
Actor Park Kwang Hyun signed FNC recently.
Lee Jonghyun and Lee Jungshin are likely casted in drama as leading role, inspiring envy in other people.
Composer and producer, President Han said, “More and more movie or drama staffs want singers in our company.
So we feel that we need to respond them professionally. So we are re-arranging portfolio of our company.
We decided our course as ‘Complex entertainment company’.

FT아일랜드와 씨엔블루의 소속사 FNC뮤직은 최근 사명을 바꿨다.
서울 청담동에 100억대 사옥을 지으며 제2의 창사를 준비하는 이 회사의 새 이름은 FNC엔터테인먼트.
가수 육성과 지원뿐만 아니라 종합 엔터테인먼트사로 발돋움하겠다는 의지를 담았다.
배우 박광현을 영입하는가 하면 전문 인력도 확충해 영역 확장에 나섰다.

이 회사는 여느 배우 전문 기획사 못지 않게 주요 드라마에 소속 가수(?)를 출연시켰다.
FT아일랜드의 이홍기는 2009년 SBS 드라마 ‘미남이시네요’로 주목 받았다.
같은 드라마에 출연한 씨엔블루 정용화도 주연급으로 급성장했다.
강민혁이 KBS 2TV 주말극 ‘넝쿨째 굴러온 당신’에 캐스팅됐고
이종현과 이정신도 주연급으로 드라마 출연이 유력해 주변의 부러움을 사고 있다.

작곡가 겸 프로듀서 한성호 대표는 “소속 가수를 찾는 영화나 드라마 관계자들이 많아지면서
전문적으로 대응할 필요성이 커졌다”면서 “회사의 사업 포트폴리오를 구체화하면서
종합엔터테인먼트 사로 방향을 잡게 됐다”고 말했다.

Translation by @saturnkr

Source: SportsHankoki


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