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Fukuoka Marine Messe Day 1!

Today was the first day of Fukuoka Marine Messe! The photo was taken at the waiting room before the live. The staff parka for this tour really fits them well♪

Because February 6th was Yunho’s birthday, a big cake appeared on the stage during the encore of today’s live♪ When everyone in the venue sang the happy birthday song, Yunho was a bit shy but looked really happy! And then all of a sudden, Changmin threw the cake at Yunho on his face, and Yunho’s face was fully covered by whipped cream. It was a very pleasant spectacle, and turned out to be a very playful surprise birthday celebration♪

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Recently we reported that Kyuhyun’s father had opened up a Korean cram school in Taipei, Taiwan. The full name of the cram school is “Taipei Korean UPI Language Center/Institute: Kyuhyun Cram School”. Kyuhyun’s father has now stated that he plans to stay long in the country.

Walking through the front doors of “Kyuhyun Cram School”, on the wall on the left side is a huge poster of Kyuhyun. Besides it are posters of Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and SHINee. Posters of artists were not limited to SM Entertainment artists only, as BEAST’s poster was also found to be present.

In an exclusive interview with “Fighting! KOREA Learning Magazine”, Kyuhyun’s father not only introduced his courses but also his educational beliefs. He stated that in these two years, he has often been to Taiwan to investigate and found out that many people go to Korea to study Korean. He felt that it was too burdensome to do so and therefore came up with the idea of providing the most complete Korean language education for students. In explaining why he chose Taiwan as his first choice, he said it’s because he felt Taiwanese fans are very friendly and he has a good impression of their country.

In introducing his school, Kyuhyun’s father stated that because Korean UPI Learning Institute has its own publisher in Korea, the materials are all written by the teachers themselves, different from ordinary learning materials. In addition, the materials include a lot of KPOP related content, making the learning process more fun and interesting.

In terms of classes, there are two types: “Interest Usage Course” and “Further Research Course”. “Interest Usage Course” focuses on daily conversation while “Further Research Course” is for those who wish to study or work in Korea in the future and has a greater emphasis on grammar. All “Kyuhyun Cram School” teachers are from Korea and have at least 3 years of teaching experience.

Although Kyuhyun is his own son, he makes a clear distinction between public and private life. For the opening ceremony on February 3rd, Kyuhyun’s father stated that because the Super Junior members made a public appearance, he paid SM Entertainment the public appearance fees. In addition, he had obtained permission for using the celebrities’ posters in the school.

Kyuhyun’s father also revealed that Korean language education is only the first step. He said that in the future there will also be services regarding production of performances and reporting of Hallyu. He will also be focusing on Taiwan, by staying there for half of every month, planning to make it his second home.

Check out the pictures below from the opening ceremony on February 3rd.

The lucky fans who got to take a picture with Super Junior and Kyuhyun’s father.
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Kyuhyun, his parents and probably the staff of the school.
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February 2, 2012

TVXQ!’s Max will Make an Acting Debut in Japan!

TVXQ’s Max will be making an acting debut in Japan.

He has been cast as one of the leading roles in the Japanese movie ‘黄金を抱いて翔べ’ and will be playing a North Korean spy, Momo, who acts as an international student of engineering.

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Mnet will broadcast SHINee’s “Yunhanam” on January 26th, 27th, and 28th at 3am to 4am KST.
Four episodes will be aired each day.
SHINee fans, don’t miss this or else you’ll regret it.
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Among the male groups, SHINee has the most number of “friends” on Kakaotalk. SHINee has more than 436,00 friends. Since SHINee has been busily promoting outside Korea which is the reason to have little interaction with their Korean fans, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Taemin’s New Year greetings have been accompanied with a sense of pity.
However, girl group Girls’ Generation has the most number of friends out of all idol groups, with 775,471 people subscribed to their updates. The male groups with the next highest amount of friends after SHINee are Super Junior with 435,978, DBSK with 386,305, and 2PM with 197,589.
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MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ will be advancing into China!

MBC’s Hallyu content production team revealed that the Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ is currently in production with a tentative air date beginning in February! The program will begin with two pilot episodes, and further development will depend on its success with the viewers.

T-ara‘s Hyomin and Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun have been the first to be cast for the Chinese version of the popular variety show. Hyomin will become a couple with Chinese idol group BoBo‘s Fu Xinbo while Kyuhyun will be coupling up with actress Yedda Chen.

There will be a total of three couples; the final couple will be made up of famous Chinese actors and actresses. MBC representatives revealed, “MBC and SMG will be co-producing the project. If there’s a positive response to the pilot program, we’ll develop the format.”

The Chinese version will hold the same format as the original Korean version. Other famous Chinese stars will be in the studio commenting on the couple’s married lives. A total of four MCs are currently being considered for the position.

The show itself is a highly anticipated one, especially since idol groups are expanding their activities overseas. By combining their activities with other famous figures in different countries, they’ll be able to combine their star power to achieve greater results.

The Chinese version will air on February 11th and 12th through SMG.

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FNC Music, the label that’s home to FT Island and CN Blue, is building a $9 million USD office building in the Chungdam-dong region in Seoul.

The construction began not too long ago, and their
building is being built in the main area of Chungdam-dong.

The building will boast around 6,421 square feet, and the official value of the land alone is worth $7.1 million. The building will also stand three stories high, four if you include the basement level.

Including the value of the actual building itself, the total price of the real estate is estimated to be in the $9 million range.

The new building will be only 5-10 minutes away from the SM Entertainment building as well as theJYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment buildings.

CEO Han Sung Ho is a singer songwriter turned producer,
and established FNC Music in 2006. He has successfully debuted new idol bands such as CN Blue and FT Island, whose styles are completely different from the idols out there. These artists have been active in the music industry, promoting not only in Korea but in Japan and receiving an explosive reaction from other parts of Asia.

Although FNC Music does not have the longest history amongst entertainment labels, they are being praised as a strong and stable label in the industry. They also established their very own private music education institute, FNC Academy. They do not focus on just producing albums and managing artists, and are receiving high interest from others in the industry for going against the grain and pursuing new and different models of business.

FNC Academy is located in Hongdae and Kangnam, and the Hongdae location especially boasts large-scale facilities. They recruit the best professional coaches and continue to train their artists as well as discover and develop new rookies.

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