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Credit : ELF Japan

credit : @eternalelf

shared by : kyulineshipper

@GaemGyu 간만에 훈훈 훈내돋는 규라인!! ^^ In ‘Knott’s Berry Farm’

[TRANS] The rising warm warm warm guys that you haven’t seen in a while, Kyu-line!! ^^ In ‘Knott’s Berry Farm’

@GaemGyu심촹 민호 규 력 심동과 함께 Knott’s Berry Farm~~ 솨~~^^
[TRANS] Shim Chang, Minho, Kyuhyun, Ryeok (wookie), Shindong together at Knott’s Berry Farm~~ Swaa~~^^

translation by : @13elieveSG

shared by : kyulineshipper

credit : Excentrique1106 @ YT

shared by : kyulineshipper

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