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From Mirotic:

“To math-god Kyuhyun”


From 미인아 [BONAMANA]:

“The superman Changmin”

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From 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)

“Friend, who has to do a dance battle together with me someday, caramel macchiato voice, top star Cho Kyuhyun”

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From Mr. Simple:

“My love Shim Chwang”

[cr: fyeahchangkyu]

From Sexy, Free & Single:

“Changmin-ah you are mine, no matter how it is”

[cr: yeoshinim]

From Catch Me:

“Kyuline representative, Cho Kyuhyun, I am yours!”

[cr: kikiikyu via 焦糖玛奇朵_Cafe]

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I’m very happy that this album could come out in about 1 year and 9 months, and I thank everyone. Out of everyone I’d like to thank my grandmother who’s gone to a far away place a while back but is protecting me by my side. I love you. Please look over me ^^ My proud father and beloved mother our Soo Yeon and Ji Yeon who must be working very hard to study in a far away place, please stay healthy and have fun before you return ^^

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Suddenly 6jib.. and 6 year debut.. how time flies…^^ [something about the Lord] Mother, father, sister, I love you!!

Kangta hyung who always appears as a role model. Minjong hyung who is raising, Boneunim (BoA) who needs a lover, Yunho hyung who is still becoming my goal, Changminah you are mine, no matter how it is, our minho always looks like Jung Yunho-line. (CNBLUE) Jonghyunnie who suddenly starts to act in drama kk, my dongsaeng Qiannie, the KYU-line wannabe Taeminnie, kindhearted Junmyeonnie (Suho) it starts from now on, the cool hoobaes SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO! The one who suddenly become my best friend Jaebummie, changed after being famous Huhgak hyung, the one who I lost contact with G.O. (who doesn’t contact me).

Lastly, the nest that I love, Super Junior: 30 year old Jungsoo hyung, Heenim, the much missed Hankyungie hyung, Yesung hyung, the returned Kangin hyung, Dongguri Dongdong, King Sungmin, armpit Hyuk, our Donghae, Bossman Choi, Ryeonggu, Kibummie, Henry, Seasoning hyung, E.L.F. that show us miracles, we will always be together. As always, thank you and I love you.^^

 Credit: @zhouminews

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